Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Gaming

Hey look, photos of a gaming session. We're playing right now, and things look grim for our heroes!

EDIT: With a little luck and a vicious series of attacks against the floating brain in the jar that was harassing us, we pulled through!

From Gaming Photos

From Gaming Photos

From Gaming Photos

From Gaming Photos

From Gaming Photos


Greg Johnston said...

Awesome! I just finished my gaming fix this Monday night as well. It was an RPGA adventure, and I played my 1st level Wizard. We succeeded and there was much rejoicing. :)

Noumenon said...

That is one giant battlemat. So you don't hide any of the map before playing, unless it's something you draw in as a surprise?

Your map looks more interesting than most of mine. What is all that terrain in photo one -- a green tapestry, black tables, what's the rest? And in the third picture, those dotted lines -- is that an elevated alcove?

Dave The Game said...

Is that gelatinous cube mini awesome or what?

Similar to your pic here, my second adventure ended up with a cursed, bloodied, and prone Cube:

Mike Mearls said...

Dave - I think there's a special thrill to knocking a cube prone. It's happened every time I've seen one in the game.

Noumenon - We were exploring a four room complex, so having the full map wasn't a big deal. The DM was also vague enough with the details that there weren't many spoilers.

For larger dungeons, I prefer to have everything revealed as we go.

In the first photo, the green thing was a table covered with alchemical gear. The dotted lines were cages hung from the ceiling.

Greg Johnston said...

Heh, we had a Gelatinous Cube in our game as well. It was also knocked prone by the Minotaur fighter's Tide of Iron power.

Now how do you exactly "knock prone" a 10' x 10'cube of gelatin?

Mike Mearls said...

Good question! In the game last night, the DM described it as an attack that broke the cube's outer membrane, forcing it to spend an action pulling itself together.

It's one of those things that's a little hard to wrap your head around.

Michael Curtis said...

I would really love to get my hands on one of the cube minis, but I can't see myself paying the $25 they tend to go for as singles. I guess I'll have to make due with my otyugh.