Thursday, August 6, 2009

GenCon 2009

I'm heading to GenCon as a gamer this year, rather than as a pro, so I'm playing lots of games and goofing off the entire show. Good times!

Here's my current gaming schedule:

9 AM to 1 PM: BattleTech - Chaos Style
2 PM to 6 PM: Battlestations - Pirates of Trundlia
9 PM to 1 AM: Horror Hero

10 AM to 12 PM: Song of Drums and Shako - Eggs for the Major
2 PM to 6 PM: Shadowrun - Mr. Johnson's Table
7 PM to 9 PM: Dragon Dice - Novice Event

8 AM to 4 PM: D&D - Stirring the Embers

I have tickets for a few other events, but I think I'm going to cash them out. Also, this schedule is by no means final. I signed up for stuff, but if other things come up I'll switch stuff around. I figured I'd fill my schedule and try new games as a default in case nothing else comes up.

I'm also planning on bringing a few games and stuff to run if the chance comes up. My plan is to bring a 4e conversion of the first d20 adventure, Three Days to Kill, plus another adventure or two. I might bring a copy of the 1st level of Monte's Dungeon-A-Day dungeon and run a 4e version on the fly. I'll have characters, minis, and everything I need on hand in my handy little haversack.

Other Games: Jungle Speed, Shab-al-hiri Roach, a few decks of TCGs (L5R, Magic), and maybe a few card games.

So, are you going to GenCon? What are you looking forward to?


Unknown said...

I got hooked on GenCon after WotC flew me out there two years ago as part of the Ultimate Gamer test. I'm headed back out this year with two buddies. Right now we're set for two True Dungeon events, two LFR mods and the Ultimate Dungeon Delve, but I've also got a stack of generics for whatever else grabs us.


Anonymous said...

We are doing the ultimate delve, and I bought a stack of generic tickets... we'll see....

Looking forward to it though...

Anonymous said...

I should also add that it's my first gencon, and i'm not really sure what to expect...

ChattyDM said...

Oh man, my schedule is PACKED this year. I've gotta learn to go lean and mean.

Anyhoo, what I'm looking forward the most is Drunken D&D II. This year I've got a High School Drama meets Bloodbowl meets D&D4e adventure that just might become legendary.

Than it's the Dungeon Crawl Classic Tournament (DM) and I get to finally try old School D&D with a S&W game with Chgowiz on Saturday night. Wanna join us?

Will I see you at the Ennies?

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing a lot more gaming this year than I have in the past few, I hope. I'm bringing to run:

-The Dying of St. Margrets, Trail of Cthulhu
-Spire of Iron and Crystal, Swords & Wizardry
-One Page Dungeon Codex, Whatever
-Operation Get Mr. Jones' Nuts, Squirrel Attack

I'm playing Spycraft, Damnation Decade (True20), A Song of Ice and Fire, Last Night on Earth, and Dreamblade.

I can't wait, but I've still got a fair amount of prep to do. :)

ChattyDM said...

You're bringing the One-Page Codex? So cool, I'm honored! Maybe I should print it out to show it too people!

Mike Mearls said...

Chatty: Nope, no Ennies. GenCon is for gaming!

Prop: Any room in that Trail of Cthulhu game? I've been wanting to give it a try for a while now.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot I'm also bringing the Hollow Earth Expedition quickplay from Free RPG Day.

@Mike: Certainly, but I'm not sure when I'm going to run it. This will be my first time with Trail as well. I'll shoot you an email about it.

Unknown said...

Wish I could afford a trip to GenCon.
However my schedule for PAX is already fully loaded....

Dave The Game said...

"GenCon is for gaming!"

I filled mine mainly with panels and press stuff again :(

At least I'll have Chatty's Drinking D&D game, "Out of the Box" D&D game on stage, a draft or two of Magic, a session in the Battletech pods, a Swords & Wizardry game, and whatever pick-up Indie RPG stuff I can get into.