Sunday, August 18, 2013

GenCon Resolutions

A lot of us use the New Year as a marker for various resolutions. We make promises to ourselves, usually regarding things that are supposed to make us better people. Almost always, a New Year's resolution comes salted with a sense of challenge or reluctance. We never resolve to eat more chocolate or watch more TV. We instead plant a flag in the ground and swear to do something we know is out of our comfort zone.

I think that's dumb. Life is hard enough as it is. I say we make resolutions to do fun things, and use GenCon as the yearly marker for how we're doing.

Here are my GenCon 2013 resolutions:
  • Keep my "for fun" D&D game going for the entire year.
  • Start a second campaign that hits at least level 10.
  • Play at least six RPGs I haven't tried before (new editions count).
  • Play at least four miniatures games.
  • Paint the miniatures I bought at GenCon: a pack of bullywugs, a set of beast men, and a set of three barbarians.
  • Use the painted beast men in at least one RPG or miniatures game.
What's on your list?


Steve said...

"I like your style, Dude."

And your perspective. Were you able to accomplish those Gen Con Goals?

Mine were to play some indie RPGs and to buy the board game Village and its brand new expansion, The Inn. I'd played others' copies 3 times so I knew I wanted it.

I'm enjoying the concepts behind certain indie games, as well as what I'm thinking of as the "play rituals." Alternative storytelling/rpg procedures. So long as they enhance the theme of the game rather than feeling like a gimmick. Here's what I bought/played. Copying from Facebook because I'm lazy. ;-)

(Always great to see you--hopefully we get dedicated hang-out time at Winter Fantasy.)

- VILLAGE board game and its expansion, THE INN. Really love this game.

- THEY BECAME FLESH (one player is God, another is humanity, the rest are fallen angels)

- THE PLAY'S THE THING (gamemaster is Shakespeare; players are actors trying to influence him to write "better" scenes for their characters, i.e. what if Ophelia kills Claudius/Romeo never meets Juliet/Othello figures out Iago is to blame...)

- CALL OF CATTHULHU (you play ordinary cats trying to stop Lovecraftian horror from destroying the world)

**Games I remember playing**
- Psi*Run (you're amnesiac mutants on the run)
- Fiasco (Coen Brothers movie in the time it takes to watch one)
- Dungeon World (streamlined D&D with story mechanics)
- Hanabi (cooperative card game that won the spiel des jahres this year)
- Takenoko (board game about bamboo, panda, and gardener, Melanie)
- Village (board game simulating family life in a village)
- Bacchus' Banquet (card game; intrigue and feasting at Caligula's party)

Mike Mearls said...

These are my goals for the coming year, so none knocked out yet.

Call of Catthulhu - I need to find this game!

Steve said...

Ahhh, I see. Well these sound like great goals for the year.

Tell you what: if you make it to Winter Fantasy this year, I'll bring an RPG we can play in 2-4 hours. Or maybe a couple RPGs.

Call of Catthulhu is cute, and it was $5. I think the author, Joel Sparks, is launching a Kickstarter to make it a bigger game. It's wafer thin, takes half an hour to read, and will be a good "bridge" RPG for cat people. Here's where he's putting up the info on it:

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