Monday, April 20, 2009

Gaming Pics

One of the fun things about running a game at home, as opposed to running at the office, is that I get to bust out the Dwarven Forge. Here are a few photos of tonight's set up.

Here's an overview of the strange temple complex the characters uncovered:

From Gaming Photos

What's the best way to convince a captive duergar wizard to translate the Abyssal runes scrawled on to the lid of a tomb? Tie him to a table, then prop the table (with the duergar hanging upside down) over the lid. In the party's defense, when they asked if he would translate the runes, he answered, "Of course, but you'll need to untie me to bring me to the burial chamber, right?"

From Gaming Photos

The session ended just after the PCs made contact with the spirits of four ancient priests of Corellon Larethien, learned the nature of this place, and were flooded with the priests' memories, a process that left the characters with two distinct lifetimes worth of thoughts jangling in their heads. They also learned how to open the door of water to enter the evil shrine that this place was built to keep sealed shut. Unfortunately, an evil wizard and a cleric of Iuz had already entered the place. The wizard conjured a devil, and the fight is on. At least, it will be next week, as the session ended just as the devil showed up.

From Gaming Photos


Mike said...

I absolutely love the Dwarven Forge set ups.

Shameless plug, I have a bunch of Dwarven Forge pics from the H1 through P1 modules on Flickr.

I got into it about a year ago when my wife bought me the medieval buildings sets and now I just can't seem to stop.

Mike, where did you get the little demon statue? I could sure use one of those.

Mike Mearls said...

The demon statue is from Otherworld miniatures. They do a lot of really cool figs:

Awesome set ups! I need to buy some more DF sets...

Brenton said...

Out of curiosity, are those pillars also Dwarven Forge pieces? Also, where did you get the various furniture miniatures (the tables, chairs, and sarcophagus)?

Mike Mearls said...

The pillars are Dwarven Forge, while most of the furniture is from a Mage Knight Dungeons terrain set. You can find them on eBay for relatively low prices.

Unknown said...

Yes, demon statue is on the table! Brings a smile to my face.

Mike Mearls said...

I still need to paint it, but you would be gratified at the oohs and aahs it elicited when I pulled back the paper that covered unexplored areas of the temple.

Dave The Game said...

Did the statue attack the Rogue's will to try to force him to steal the statue's eye?