Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Origins Awards

The nominees for the Origins Awards have been announced. ICV2.com has the list.

For many years, the Origins Awards were mired in in-fighting, plagued by favoritism that stuffed categories with embarrassing nominees, and largely use as a battleground for gaming industry factions to wage their wars.

It's refreshing to watch as, over the past three years, the awards have reformed themselves. Are the lists perfect? I'm sure there are categories where you could argue the merit of overlooked games, but I don't see any gaping holes.

At the end of the day, though, I think the Origins Awards are where they need to be to serve a useful purpose for the industry. I see large and small press games, games that cover a wide range of play styles and tastes.

Nice job, GAMA!


Hakdov said...

what was an embarrassing nominee from past awards?

Mike Mearls said...

I can't find a list of nominees (the site I found just gives the winners), but there was a long stretch of d20 books of dubious achievement making the lists.

Unknown said...

Your little RPG-Book-That-Could is up against Mighty Luke Crane and the Burning HQ, I see. You should begin work on your concession speech now.