Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keeping Tiles in Place

I wouldn't be surprised if this is old news to anyone, but I recently started using toolbox liners as a base for dungeon tiles and Paizo's map packs. They're very handy for keeping individual tiles in place, especially if you play on a kitchen table or other glossy, finished surface.

I haven't had as much slipping with dungeon tiles, since they're a fairly thick stock, but the liners really come into their own with the map pack tiles. Those tiles are fairly thin and slide like butter on a tabletop. With the toolbox liner, they stay nice and snug. I originally tried mounting the on foam board, but the liner makes that pointless work.

Anyway, hopefully someone will find that useful.


Snarls-at-Fleas said...

Hmm. Do I have some special kind of table that I don't have the problem with moving tiles that evrybody's talking about?
Even when I've gone 3d with them they stayed sturdy not giving any problems.

Mike Mearls said...

It does actually depend on the table. The table I use at home has a smooth, glossy finish.

Gregor LeBlaque said...

So are you using/recommending a big roll of the stuff or pre-cut little sheets (and have I linked the right stuff at all)?

Mike Mearls said...

Hey Gregor,

I bought a couple of the pre-cut sheets mainly because they were cheaper and easier to store. I didn't notice any problems in laying them side by side and placing tiles over them.

Anonymous said...

There are also rubber shelf-liners that are mesh rather than solid, usually in funky colors, but you may be able to get those cheaper.

Simon said...

I've gone to blutacking all my Dungeon Tiles onto card or cardboard backing before use. Back in April '09 I marked a bit piece of blue card ca 18"x28" out in 1" squares, it folds up to a quarter of its full size (9"x14") and holds a typical Dungeon Delve sized small dungeon nicely.