Monday, February 8, 2010

Tonight's Session in Pictures

I snapped a few photos of tonight's session. Here are two of them:

From Gaming Photos

The warden does her job, keeping the githyanki busy while the rest of the party seizes control of the ship's helm. The warden would be stunned by a githyanki knight, be she'd get her revenge by leaping on to the forecastle and critting him twice in a row.

From Gaming Photos

Later on, the party tangled with an enormous dragon. While the warden didn't enjoy being in the dragon's jaws, she did provide flanking for the eladrin avenger on the far side of the wyrm (and vice versa).


Tom Allman said...

Long live the Defender!!! Having been in the dragons' mouth before I feel her pain. You would think that the rest of party would chip in and buy her some nifty armor. But alas, the Meat Shield does all the dirty work, and gets none of the glory.

Grognard Deepmug (Dwarven Fighter)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, what a good picture. That dragon pic is really great. It really shows off the excitement of playing with miniatures.

I like the descriptive, do-anything nature of Swords and Wizardry combat, but man those minis and character skills make the computer RPG gamer in me want to geek out on those talent trees.

Kameron said...

Ha! That's the same mini our warden uses. She wouldn't happen to be a shifter, too, would she?

Mike Mearls said...

As luck would have it, she is a shifter!